Tax Reform and Modernization

Tax Reform is at the top of my agenda as it has been for every candidate for Governor for the past forty years. Why can’t we get anything done? Because our state government is controlled by special interests and bureaucrats.

Why do I think I can get something done when everyone else has failed?  I don’t put up with the nonsense. I’m a mom and a small business owner. I have to make things happen every single day, or my kids and business suffer. I’m betting that sounds a lot like your life. So, together I know we can make things happen.


Life begins at conception, and it is a moral obligation to protect every innocent life from the time of conception until natural death. I not only believe in protecting our unborn, I have lived it my entire life.

Beginning as a child, praying with my parents outside of Omaha abortion clinics, watching my father save countless lives as a sidewalk counselor and volunteering for Essential Pregnancy Services from childhood into adulthood. Nebraska is a Pro-Life state, and we are watching the most pro-life generation grow up right before our eyes.

Protecting Nebraska's Education

When you tell me that as a parent, I do not know what is in the best interest of my child, and I don’t have any business telling the school my expectations, then something is horribly, horribly wrong.

Politics has no business in our schools, and yet absurd school decisions have been made recently that defy science, push racist agendas and think it’s a great idea to teach little kids about all of the bizarre issues that constitute sex in our world today.  It’s high time that school administrators and teachers understand they work for us.

Protecting The American Way

I believe that hard work, character and commitment to our American Way of Life are the concepts that made us great – that made us exceptional as a nation. But political corruption has forced open our borders to create cheap labor that directly undermines good wages for American laborers.

Our mainstream media cannot be trusted to tell the simple truth, and policy decisions are being made to benefit everyone in the world but the United States of America.

It’s time to stand for the American Way of Life and take our country back.

Limit Government Spending

We cannot go on spending money like there is no tomorrow. No one knows how much debt we can legitimately sustain before the whole thing collapses, but at $30 trillion and climbing, we are quickly approaching that number.

We have spent trillions on Covid. We’re going to spend a couple more on infrastructure, and there are those who would spend trillions and trillions more to right all of the wrongs of the world. It is the impossible dream of a lunatic, and yet an entire political party is just chomping at the bit to do just that.

They must be stopped!

Public Safety

Our first responders have been a lifeline to all of us for as long as any of us can remember, and yet, over the last couple of years, violent criminals have become victims and our police have been turned into public enemies.

Crime statistics have spiked, cities have been burned and thieves have openly emptied retail stores without consequences. We the People can stem this tide of insanity, but we have to do it now. For the sake of our children, we have no choice but to stand our ground.